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Shirley  is a assistant lawyer with 20 years experience. She has witnessed or heared too many painful facts of ethnic Chinese, espesically new immigrants, who is struggling for language barrier, ignorance about the legal system and being deceived.  The sense of social responsibilities and mission drive her to establish "boston chinese legal service center" in Boston Chinatown in 2001. 
The company had already been known as  a bridge between Chinese customers and American lawyers. Shirley cooperated with many expert American lawyers to help new immigrants, and solved thousands of cases. 

We focus on team work with senior experienced lawyers and provide the fair price services based on the principles of good faith, fairness and responsibility.

Immigration, Retarded VISA, Overaged VISA, Criminal Cases, Accident Compensation, Agreement Divorce
Trust Will, Trading Litigation, Release on Bail, Establish Corporation, Restaurant Housing, Translation&Nortarization
Documents/Court Translation, Telephone Translation, Certification

Business hours:

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Address: One State Street, Suite 1500, Boston, MA 02109
Fax: 617-338-8188
Phone: 617-338-8288
Member since: 2011
Category: Legal


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