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AOK. TRANSPORTATION is a government registered car service company located in Boston, with an insurance of one million. Models of cars include: four-seaters, seven-seaters, 15 seaters, buses and luxury cars. We have professional, experienced and dedicated drivers to provide high quality service to you and to fulfill your expectations.


You call our company to make an appointment

  1. Our company will record your phone number, location, destination and time
  2. Our company will assign an appropriate car to you by your request, and we’ll deliver you safely and punctually to your destination
  3. Our motto is “Warmly receive each customer, and bring them safely to their destinations on time.”

To our friends who often need to catch a flight, on-call cars are both convenient and punctual. Compared to taxis, this is more convenient. If you have to call a taxi, then you need to go out on the street and wave at a taxi for it to stop. Moreover, the price a taxi driver charges depends on how long it takes to drive to destination. If you encounter a bad driver then he or she might drive in circles, which not only wastes your money but also your time. However, on-call cars are different. You may call us at home, and then you only need to come out once the car arrives, and there is also no need to worry about drivers demanding for additional charges.

Our service motto is: enthusiastic, punctual, safe!
Airport pick-ups and drop-offs: Logan Airport (Boston), JFK at New York, Airport at Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut etc.
 Chartered car service (size both big and small): All day or by hour, commuter shopping, visiting schools, sightseeing, casino pick-ups and drop-offs.
We also provide hotel reservations for tourist groups and individuals; in addition we tailor sightseeing plans for individual needs.
English and Chinese, reasonable price, safe and punctual.

We’ll save you from the trouble of transferring from one car to another. All you need to do is to call from home and make reservation and we will pick you up from your home to take you to wherever you wish to go!

——Service Boston Area——

  Contact:Tony Tang




  Language:English, Mandarin, Cantonese,
                     Shanghai Dialect


Car Model

4 seats car

7 seats,15 seats Vans

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