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Welcome to Cmart Supermarket!

Great Wall Supermarket is one of the largest Asian supermarket chain around east coast. It has a total of nine branches located separately at New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and Georgia. Among which, there are three branches in Boston, Massachusetts.

C-Mart Supermarket stores in Boston are the franchises of Great Wall Supermarket. The shopping environment in traditional Asian markets in not ideal, nor the parking. And there is a lack of popular east products. C-Mart supermarkets wish to provide Asian families with both a comfortable shopping environment, and their favorite foods and daily necessities.

C-Mart pays great attentions to our customers’ needs. We are committed to establish a new type of supermarket – improve service to meet consumer demand at both product quality and shopping environment.

Great Wall Supermarket is determined to become America’s best Asian food supermarket chain. We are willing to contribute to the community, to create more employment opportunities, and to achieve sustainable development.

Cmart Supermarket
——GreatWall Supermarket——

 Website: www.cmartboston.com

 Weekly Specials

C-Mart Boston 1
 Address: 109 Lincoln Street,
               Boston, MA 02111
 Phone: 617.426.8888
 Fax; 617.426.8898
 Open Hour: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
C-Mart Boston 2
 Address: 50 Herald Street,
               Boston, MA 02116
 Phone: 617.338.8811
 Fax: 617.338.8819
 Open Hour: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

          Great Wall Supermarket
 Address: 70-21 51st Ave,
               Woodside, NY 11377
 Phone: 718-205-8312
 Fax: 718-205-8146
 Email: service@gw-supermarket.com
 Website: http://www.gw-supermarket.com/
 Office Hour: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

We Are Carrying:

Fruits Selected from the farmer's fresh market every early morning. Including Haiwaiian papaya, Thailand durian, Philippines mango, Chinese litchi, Taiwan carambola, etc.

Vagetables Selected from the farmer's fresh market every early morning. Including Vegetables, beans, melons, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, corn, peppers, etc.

Seafoods Giant fish tanks installed in every store. Fresh seafoods including lobsters, crabs, geoducks, oysters, clams, etc. Cutting and cleaning service provided.

Meats All kinds of fresh meat provided, with meat cutting service. Variety of processed meat good for Barbeque.

Do not cook today? Try our sushi platter for lunch or enjoy a sushi takeout? Oven roasted meat and more Asian cooked food to take away home. Delicious food and reasonable price!

Grocery Eggs, milk, rice, noodles, tofu, soy products, soy sauce, seasoning spices, Southeast-Asian-style food, American food, household appliances, daily necessities.


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