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Mr. Donny Shi (Chinese name: Shi Chengdong) is a Massachusetts State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Tui Na Therapist.
He was born into a family of doctors and graduated from Shanghai College, majoring in Tui Na Massage. Donny has a deep understanding of Tui Na massage and work experience because of his love of Tui Na massage. He accumulated a wealth of healing techniques throughout the past 20 years. Since he arrived in the US 3 years ago, he has received the praise and admiration of many patients

Professional Massage Tui Na Clinic
Medical Massage for Pain Relief
Adress: 11 Edinboro St.
Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 857-544-9957
Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday to Saturday(close Sunday)

Healing Massage Techniques:
Tui Na massage Therapeutic Massage
Use of Meridians
Acupuncture Points
Five Elements of Traditional Methods
Swedish Massage.

I have had frozen shoulder pain for almost a year. After many good massage therapies and acupuncture treatments, it has recovered 90%. But the rest of the 10% has been very difficult to recover. It has been several months; the pain is on and off with very little progress.
Donny checked my whole body's meridians and told me that my right shoulder pain was the result of the blocked path of my right leg meridian. It would be difficult to recover if only the right shoulder was treated. It was like a clogged drain, only a local cleanup was not enough. All the pathways should be cleared. Then he started his point massage from my right leg...For me, it was a big breakthrough!!! Right after the treatment, when I got up to try my right arm, there was not as much pain as I expected. I moved my arm several times and found that many actions were actually painless! I am very excited. Now there is hope that my shoulder pain, which has lasted a year, can be healed completely!


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