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Boston Erhu Ensemble was founded in 2008. Our aim is to promote traditional Chinese culture, and to enhance people's understanding and appreciation of erhu. We have performed in children's museum, Boston Public Library, Boston Dragon Boat Festival, schools, nursing homes, churches and other community activities.

Boston Erhu Ensemble was founded on several objectives: To promote cultureal diversity by young people playing Chinese traditional musical instrument;  to develop young people's self-confidence and performance skills by stage performances; to make young people come to realize the value of mutual love and team cooperation and to encourage young people to participate in more social activities.

The art Director - Mr. Lin Zhantao is a musician and music educator from China. He is a board member of Chinese Professional Folk Orchestra Society. Mr. Lin had been awarded in many high-level competitions in China. Every since his moving to the United States, Mr. Lin frequently participated in various performances in New England area, including Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, MIT, Brown University, Boston University, Boston Children's Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Peabody Modise Fox museums, as well as the Lincoln Art Center, and Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road concerts.
Boston Erhu Ensemble
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About Erhu

The Erhu, also called Nanhu, can be traced back in China's history to more than a thousand years ago.  Ancient Chinese called it "Xi Qin" in Tang Dynasty. 
Erhu performance focuses on the alt domain, which sounds similar to the human voice with high emotional expression. Every since 1920', erhu began to be performed on the stage. Prior to this, erhu was mainly used for performing folk music or as opera accompaniment.
Outstanding representative works include "Reflection of the Moon", "river water ", "The Sanmen Gorge Capriccio ", "Empty mountain birds", "Horse Pentium", "Great Wall Capriccio", etc.
With the innovation through time, erhu has become one of the most important solo instrument in the band and in large ensembles.


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