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Kam Man Food is a leading Asian supermarket chain with stores located in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Founded in 1972, Kam Man Food was the first Chinese supermarket on the U.S. east coast.

Kam Man Food’s stores carry the widest selection of Asian and non-Asian food products including seafood and meats (freshly cut to your needs), fruits, vegetables, sauces, rice, cookies, candies, snacks, dry and fresh noodles, canned foods, teas and other beverages, seasonings, spices, and frozen foods including dumplings and ready-to-eat items. In addition to food products, Kam Man Food also offers Asian housewares and gift items. In certain of Kam Man Food’s retail locations, one can also find a food court, bakery and bubble tea counter.

Kam Man Food prides itself on offering the finest Asian food products and providing a clean, safe and convenient shopping experience for all of its customers.

Mr. Yunzhao Hu -- Manager of Kam Man Food

Mr. Hu, the general manager of Kam Man Food, was born in Shanghai in 1947, and then moved to Hong Kong. Mr. Hu said he had a very happy time when he was in Shanghai as a child. There were forty to fifty families living together happily in one alley. People leaned from each other and developed a good relationship within the neighborhood. This time period as childhood affected his future life a lot - he is always willing to trust others, and do good for others.

After his graduation from high school in Hong Kong, Mr. Hu came to the US in 1966, and got his PhD degree here. Then he worked in Monsanto on study of ABS materials, and got married with Wenya Wang.

Mr. Hu had a very successfully career. However, his company moved to Ohio later. He chose to stay with his parents, regardless of good treatment and promotion opportunities offered by the company. Then, he joined his brother, Yunxi Hu, the president of Kam Man Food.

Quincy Kam Man Supermarket opened in January 2003. Another grand opening of Kam Man Mall is in August 2003. This is the biggest Asian shopping mall in the US with supermarkets, restaurants, medical and health centers, banks, beauty and gift stores, book stores, and cinemas.

Mr. Hu said Kam Man Food is now looking forward a greater development. He hopes that every one will go to Kam Man Food whenever he/she comes to Boston.


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Address: 219 Quincy Ave 
              Quincy, MA 02169
Phone: (617) 328-1533
Fax: (617) 328-7033
Open Hours: 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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